Construction Management: An Overview

Construction Management: An Overview

Construction Management- An Overview

Specialized project management involved the process of oversight, organizing, as well as planning the numerous stages that make up the construction jobs. The complex and stressful work in the construction process is left to an employee referred to as the construction manager whose work is to act on behalf of the contractor or constructors hired to carry out the construction job. Individuals working in this sector are more likely to discover that the requirements vary from one project to the next. It also heavily depends on the particular type of industrial building that is being constructed.

Main Functions and Responsibilities

A skilled and qualified construction management contractor plays a crucial part in the larger team responsible for the construction project. Their main role is to ensure that the newly commissioned construction is built in accordance with the set compliances and to the detailed plans. Besides making sure that the construction plan is adhered to and the building is well constructed, the construction management jobs also involve keeping the newly constructed building for a predetermined timeframe and within a specified budget.

Another responsibility assigned for the construction management teams is acting as a  go between the numerous on site contractors, plotting the contracts, hiring subcontractors, acquiring the necessary permits, and providing the estimates for various stages of the project.

General Skills Required

The main skill which makes the professionals responsible for the project management is the ability to fully appreciate the construction process from the initial stages to the last stages. They will also be required to be familiar with some of the construction materials and equipments used in the construction process. It is also critical for the construction manager to be highly experienced to help eliminate any problems that may occur throughout the construction process. Being an excellent communicator is an added advantage which is necessary when discussing certain matters with the rest of the construction team including the contractors with different knowhow background. Keeping up with the latest technology as well as the latest and trending construction software is also a desirable character of the construction management.

Expected Working Environment

Construction Management- An Overview

A project manager is also required to handle a wide range of roles. Some of these roles include private owners, and general as well as subcontractors. The work conditions for the construction management usually vary significantly depending on the nature of each particular project they are working on. A project management contractor will be involved in overseeing the project from a designated office or based on the construction site.

A considerable amount of time is spent on the site by the construction management contractor to supervise the construction project. The environment on which these professionals have to work is normally dangerous, very loud, and often dirty.

The construction management team enters the construction picture at early stages of the construction development stages. These professionals are then required to be an inherent and integral part of the development project starting from the initial design stages, feasibility stage to the commissioning and trial phases of the complete project.