PMI: Project Management Institute

PMI: Project Management Institute

PMI: Project Management Institute

The project management institute (PMI) is viewed as one of the biggest project management organization across the globe. The PMP exam is now ranked as a global standard for the skills for PM. The PMP credential which is designed to guarantee your employers of your commitment to the PM and stands as one of the most valued credentials necessary for the project management role. These credentials form a solid establishment of your experience and efficiency in managing projects. PMP certification was founded early 1969 and was first examined in the year 1984 and currently has more than 150 000 students across the globe.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should be a PMP certified profession:

  • It acts as the evidence of the expertise and experience
  • It gives you an added advantage in the industry
  • Helps you stay marketable in the job market
  • It helps improves customer confidence as well as the overall image of your business

Just in case you are considering signing up for the Project management training, you will be required to have a background in PM for several years. The exam involves about 35 hours for formal PM education and about 4 hours of exam time, which comes with a set of 200 questions usually generated randomly. However, you will be required to score 175 questions. However, to earn yourself a PMP certification, you will be required to get about 121 questions correct.

The Advantages of PMP Certification

  1. Your resume is appealing

Adding the PMP to your resume can help you gain a competitive advantage, making a huge difference for your career as a project manager as well as being preferred over those without the PMP certification. Additionally, having a PMP certification for the PM is usually a set standard by most employers. Most multinational companies prefer hiring individuals with PM certification earned from reputed PMI. If you have acquired a PM credential, it becomes easier for you to build a career as project manager.

In the process of applying for a job position, a professional recruiter may block your success in building a career as a PM. If you want to gain a competitive advantage over others in the industry, then you should consider getting a PMP certification.

The Disadvantages of PMP Certification

PMPs without any project experience do not indicate that they are good project managers

PMI: Project Management Institute

After passing your PMP examination certificate, it indicates that you are getting PM experience as an education. Additionally, you will have to overcome the difficult test based on the PM framework of the PMI examination. However, the PMP certification does not indicate you are good in project management. Possibly, the certification will not indicate that you do not have project on your credit in the country while you still own a PMP certification.

Generally, a PMP certified project manager is better than a non certified project manager. This is mainly due to the fact that the PMP certified professionals are knowledgeable of the importance of the credentials which is why they have straggled to get the certification in the first place.